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Bryan Earnest

As Founder and President of Earnest Products, Inc., Bryan Earnest is responsible for establishing the company's corporate structure, direction and goals. His leadership has resulted in a thriving enterprise that stays on the industry's competitive edge by being proactive and investing in the best available talent and technology.

Earnest's emphasis on building a strong management team has resulted in attracting the industry's most experienced individuals in every key area. His success in retaining top-quality managers and employees has made it possible for Earnest Products to uphold the high standards essential to establish the company at the position it now enjoys while positioning it for the future.


Craig Wozena
Director of Sales and Marketing

In his position he is responsible for managing all aspects of the sales and marketing team. His team includes Sales Engineers, Customer Service Representatives, and the Marketing Coordinator.  He has a dedicated team of professionals that strive to exceed the customer’s expectations through strong communications and attention to detail. 

Craig joined Earnest Products in January of 2016. He has over 25 years of experience in sales and sales management. He has worked in the automotive, agricultural, and industrial markets. 


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