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Remarkable Design Capabilities

Metal Fabrication
Design at Its Best

Earnest Products has the ability to design products from scratch using cad drawings.

Your Concepts Elevated to the Ideal Solution

Optimizing Design for You

Our metal fabrication design engineers use advanced software to turn your drawings into three-dimensional data that results in a finished part. Using a team approach, from concept to your end product, our designers will:

  • Work collaboratively with you to create designs with the lowest total cost to your business while achieving optimum manufacturability
  • Incorporate best practices for key design elements
  • Employ standardized design elements and techniques to ensure consistency for all components and assemblies
  • Offer innovative solutions drawing from a wealth of experience

Comprehensive Solutions

Complete Metal Fabrication Design

  Mechanical Design

Using advanced software, our Mechanical Design Engineers create and test your design throughout the manufacturing process. We make sure the function of your product is perfect, from prototype through serial production parts.

Electrical Design

Drawing from years of experience, our Electrical Engineers work alongside our Mechanical Engineers to ensure your final product meets your design requirements and functions.


Once complete, we properly package and ship your final product based on your requirements and standards. Packaging is an important element of our New Product Design (NPD) process. We listen to your needs and expectations and develop plans to ensure your product is packaged and shipped economically.

Earnest Products design and builds digital billboards.
Sound Abatement Enclosure