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Contract manufacturing hand sanitizer stands for a local business


During the COVID- 19 crisis, Earnest Products was fortunate enough to help a small business expand its production capabilities. McCarthy Fabrication a local business, switched its current business model in the face of the pandemic crisis to start selling hand sanitizer stands online through Amazon. Being a much sought-after product, they quickly sold out of their first run of products and contracted Performance Powder Coating to help fulfill demand.


Once demand because too much for both McCarthy Fabrication and Performance Powder Coating, McCarthy brought in Earnest Products to be a complete contract manufacturing solution. Not only does Earnest Products handle fabrication and powder coating, but we also handle distribution, shipping a customer packaged version to McCarthy for quick turnaround shipment to their customer. These hand sanitizer stands have sold over 7,000 units in its first 30 days, and, have reached 1 million dollars in sales for far.

This product can be viewed and bought here.