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Earnest Products Inc, adds Prima Power LPe6 Punch/Laser to our arsenal of equipment




Earnest products Inc, adds Prima Power LPe6 Punch/Laser which combines high end servo-electric punching and state of the art fiber laser technology in a manufacturing solution that offers outstanding flexibility, speed, accuracy and productivity to fabricate the most challenging products

The Punch/Laser is unbeatable when it comes to versatility and flexibility, combining multiple operations in one machine. The integrated fiber laser a supports a wide range of materials, offers significant reduction in operating cost, flexible automation, reliable unmanned operation. The automation solutions add productivity and product value through high performance, accuracy and reliability utilizing automatic loading device and stacking robot connected to the Night Train material storage system.

Our goal at Earnest Products is to offer our partners world class flexible scalable contract manufacturing solutions. The addition of the Punch/Laser adds to our arsenal of equipment and capabilities to continue to add value for our OEM partners.